Cátia Leitao

Portuguese, currently living in Lisbon.

Somatic Psychotherapist (CPSB) and Somatic Experience Trauma Therapist (EPC) – in training.

Sexual therapist (University of the New Human Sexuality) and by the English School Womb Yoga (UK).

Sexology Facilitator in the Women’s Integral Health Course at the Portuguese Macrobiotic Institute (PT).

Education in Conscious Fertility  and menstrual Medicine By Feminine Consciousness (PT)

TTC  in Womb Yoga  by Uma Disnmore-Tulli (UK).

ISTA (International School of Temple arts) Level 1 and 2.

Sexual Therapist for women giving one to one Yoni Healing Sessions : sexology, sexual disfunctions, emotional gynecology, fertility imbalances, menstrual medicine.

Facilitating women-only courses: Women Sexuality & the Alchemy of Intimacy, Women Sacred G-Spot  Yoni Yoga (Womb Yoga) & Vibrational Pompoar (Yoni eggs);

Couple Sexuality Tantra workshops: Sacredness, Tantra & the Alchemy of pleasure; 

Mixed groups:

Somatic Sexuality,Conscious Comunication, Authentic relating and tantra massage technique.

Specialized in the  treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

She works with techniques of expanding physical sensibility, developing pleasure and discovering the bioelectric potential of the body, enhancing the process of self-knowledge, dissolving blocks and emotional traumas.

She develops her works from Sexology, Sexual Psychotherapy, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, energetic practices, spiritual, ancestral – psychedelic-somatic, Smassage,  BMC, contemporary dance & real time composition.