Coimbra - 3, 4, & 5 September 2021

LISBON - 14, 15, 16 & 17 October 2021

thursday and friday 8pm to 10pm saturday and sunday 11h30 aM to 6PM


This course offers women the necessary time to deepen their knowledge with regards to sexuality and self-cure, as these are provided by vital and sexual energies. It involves simultaneously physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself, prompting them to align with and integrate one another, and allowing for an intimate self-encounter by means of which oneself comes to understand sexual energy as healing and potential with regards to vitality and pleasure in life.

This course aims at giving women a better knowledge of their own intimate anatomy and of how their sexual energy can be used as a tool for empowering the erotic and feminine being, promoting self-confidence, self-esteem and a better capacity to relate to others. Harmoniously and in a safe environment, we make use of a varied scope of accessible practices, so that anyone can enjoy on a daily basis their own potential as an erotic, expansive, connected and connecting being. 

In a comfortable environment, we’ll make use of techniques such as: Meditation (active, passive), Yoga, contact-improvisation, somatic techniques, integrated breathing and relaxation techniques, techniques for channeling one’s own energy, Tantric techniques: Yoni and G-Spot (optional) massages. 


This course does not implicate and sexual contact. Those who prefer not to practice at the course itself can always do it at home, in a more private environment. Those who wish to receive the massages at the course itself will be able to do it during the last day of each session.

Women Sexuality & the alchemy of Intimacy: Price for Portuguese women
Women Sexuality & the alchemy of Intimacy: Price for non-Portuguese women