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In the previous course an introduction to the Female Physiognomy, Orgasm Anatomy, G-spot Anatomy was made, we activate our Sexual Energy, allow the cleansing and awakening of Vital Energy throughout the 7 Chakras, we recognize the Ancestral Interferences in the way we experience the our Sexuality today, we run, fight, embrace and finally abandon presences and / or other entities that were de-energizing us in the present, enter into Altered States of Consciousness, with another look we recognize Emotional Patterns and reframed modes of pleasure, embrace more intense Pleasure States and We smile inwardly with Compassion and Honor and experience pure Female Sexual Alchemy among women.

In this course we will continue this work by focusing only on the Sacred Feminine Point: the G-Point. It will above all be a ritual of healing and presence, reconnecting us once again with the sacred potential of our vital / sexual energy.

Unlike the previous course we will not focus on altered states of deep consciousness or increased levels of pleasure. We will create space within each of us to relate in PRESENCE and AWARENESS to this sacred point, finally turning yoni “into my home.” Where the feminine can surrender and surrender in this SAFE, TRUSTY space that is “my YONI.”

A “WELCOME TO MYSELF” so that later we can invite another (a heart-centered man or woman) to visit us and maybe stay. To authorize your HEART and your feminine to receive fully the love of the other not only in daily practice but during and especially in LOVE – MAKING moments.

The G-spot is one of the points on our body where we hold and sum up so much guilt, shame, fear around our SEXUALITY and FEMININITY.

The most manifest emotion associated with this point is fear: in more detail the fear of “letting go”. It is therefore crucial for us to be in presence, respect, OPENING and connection so that cleansing and SANITATION can take place at all levels in our body, heart and spirit. That they may surrender without effort, struggle, or struggle, opening us to the world around us in a humble but also bolder and fuller way.

“Samrita”, “Squirting” or Female Ejaculation is one of the female blessings associated with G-Spot. Considered the “sweet nectar” in Tantric philosophy it arises when activating the “Kundalini” in the ascending spine base, passes and purifies the 7 chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

An intense energetic process that provides not only strong states of pleasure located in yoni but full-body orgasms and finally Amrita’s beautiful and extraordinary experience (ejaculation).

In the tantric knowledge of this rite, this experience happens when the twin serpents (symbols of the Kundalini energy) ascend along the spine and face each other, aiming, right in the center of our brain, around the pineal gland, in a perfect non-dual union.

As some of you have already felt the physical experience happens with the release of the voice as soon as the energy rises into the Vishuda (throat). In this course we will go one step further and direct you back to yoni so that the female nectar can be released and gratified by our Yoni.

It is a very healing and release experience. It is a rite of passage from girl to woman, regardless of age or stage of life.

This course calls for a state of presence, activation and integration of sexual energy through conscious evolution, integrated and embodied presence, anchored female empowerment and spiritual alchemy.

In a safe and comfortable environment we will use techniques such as:

❁ Meditation (active, passive)

❁ Conscious Sexuality Techniques

❁ Your own Truth Wheel

❁ Yoni gazing

❁ Ovarian Breathing

❁ G-Spot Somatic Techniques

❁ Sexual Energy Channeling Techniques

❁ G-Spot, among others …