Sexual Disfunctions​

It's time to break the taboo.

Anyone, at any point in their life, may experience a dysfunction or a problem in their sexuality, preventing them from living a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.
These problems can generate pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction. They can be caused by psychological, neurological, physical or medication issues. It is important to understand what dysfunction is and when to seek help.

Sexual dysfunction is the inability that prevents a person from fully enjoying a sexual relationship. They are problems that affect men and women of any age, however in different ways. The most common cause that affects sexual life is stress, but other causes such as diabetes, sexual trauma, use of drugs or some medications can interfere with healthy sexual activity.


Some women tend to neglect the role of the orgasm when dealing with sexual dysfunctions, which can lead to frustration and lack of interest in sex. This also leads men to have difficulties in sharing sexual pleasures.

In Tantra, practitioners learn how to engage in penetration only when there is a clear physiological response from the vagina, and how to build successive orgasms throughout different plateaus of intensity.

Sex is a learning process! At the Metamorphose Centre, certified therapists teach men and women how to discover a different potential within their own bodies and their partners’, learning new ways to elevate pleasure and satisfaction.

Women are physically capable of multiple orgasms, dry orgasms or even ejaculations concomitant to the orgasm. Men and women need to invest in experimentation and sensory development, exploring characteristics of pleasure related not only with erogenous zones but with the whole of the senses. We realize that a certain kind of stimulation is necessary, at the right spot and at the right moment.

Having pain while having sex can happen at any age, at any moment of a relationship, with or without penetration, while having an orgasm or even after the end of a relationship.

The pain can be ardent, acute, caustic or spasmodic; it can be external, internal, in the vagina, in the pelvic region or in the abdomen. Dyspareunia diminishes one’s sexual pleasure and it can interfere in one’s sexual excitement and orgasm. The fear of pain can generate anxiety, tension and interfere with excitement-related reflexes. In many cases, such condition induces the abstinence of sex and it can even induce a retraction from all kinds of intimacy.

At the Metamorphose Centre, with the aid of the Deva Nishok Method, we develop methodologies by which the therapist reads the physiological signs of the body in order to reduce tensions and gradually connect the sexual muscles with pleasure.

Depending upon the gravity and intensity of the problem, the trauma, inscribed at the level of the neuro-muscular reflexes, diminishes in strength and is substituted by new information with regards to pleasure and orgasm.

Some cases are resolved within one session only, while others require 3 to 10 sessions for the patient to traverse a process of sensory reeducation.

DYSPAREUNI (Pain During Sex)​


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