It is not possible for us to be completely closed to life and at the same time want to live an intimate, sexually romantic and nurturing, completely heart-blowing life.

To understand the gift that is sexuality, we must recognize that we do not limit the spirit to the flesh or that we speak of a sometimes misunderstood and overestimated place of sexual performance.

To speak of sexuality is to speak of the vital energy that moves us in this life, the way we cling to our existence and live it in ecstasy, pleasure and happiness, just because we are alive.

Without pleasure in life it will be difficult to achieve pleasure in your love relationships or even pleasure in your bed …

To understand sexuality, which is the place that so many of us have deactivated or forgotten, we have to understand our sexual energy, how to channel it, how to move it, and above all how to integrate it.

How to use this energy in other areas of our lives:

  • in love (as you love or want to be loved)
  • in professional life (moving from the dream plan to the concrete realization),
  • in the way you generate prosperity and abundance, to live authentically, creatively in your life, celebrating your existence every day, every moment.

And the question that immediately comes to me is:

  • Do we know what it is like to live our truth, can we claim the authentic way we want to live?
  • Do you recognize your purpose and know how to claim it to the universe?
  • Do you know exactly what you want for yourself in this lifetime?

Sacred Sexuality, Healing Intimacy and Tenderness Workshop is primarily a work about you, about a self-discovery about who you are in your sexuality (which is to say in the way you enjoy your life pleasantly), in your intimate and romantic relationships.

It is not always easy to admit that what we are no longer satisfies or fills us, let alone recognize who we want to be, have the courage to hear our heart, live our truth.

The challenge of bringing light to the darkest places of greatest pain, fear or shame, which we do not normally share or embrace in ourselves. Common places where we all fall but always think we are the only ones: the fear of rejection, abandonment, exclusion or humiliation for being who we are.

It’s about honoring our existence, our truth, accepting and embracing the vulnerable and passionate creature that we are, opening ourselves to the healing of our hearts, opening the field of power where everything is possible, where everything you need is manifested when you come into contact with the source of power and abundance that already dwells in you.

And it is not easy …. the Courage to stand in a vulnerable place before the other.

It takes courage, the courage to be true to ourselves, to our true emotions, learning to say “yes” or “no” to others without being responsible for the feelings of others, but respecting in authenticity and integrity what our hearts said. Knowing how to hear a “no” or a “yes”, always respecting the other’s place, without bringing the answer to a personal plan, contradicting feelings of rejection, without disempowering or falling into unrealistic self-judgments, without shaking with the freedom of choice of the other, regardless of the answer we longed to hear.

Courage is not something you are born with or have, the courage to live in integrity and honoring our truth is built.

It is practiced a little bit every day, fostering self-confidence, self-love and above all the feeling of self-worthiness.

It is really difficult to achieve a healthy relationship, full of unconditional love and romanticism if in your innermost self there is the belief that you do not deserve it. You don’t deserve to be happy, you don’t deserve to be loved, you don’t deserve to live the pleasure of being alive …

It is not a voluntary choice, above all it is social, religious, family or romantic relationship trauma …

It is difficult to incorporate the feeling of happiness into our lives if there is an unconscious conviction in your mind (your heart will never fall into this fallacy) that you are not deserving enough to be happy now.

We tend to hold the other responsible for the lack of love we feel, the ungrateful feeling of persona on the other, not the devotion of the other to our love.

But have we not, somewhere on the road, abandoned ourselves and stopped trusting ourselves and so in the world?

It costs and hurts to transform the way we look and care, love and nourish our hearts. It is easier to fall into self-sabotage and self-judgment than to properly honor and credit our image.

It is easier to be in the comfortable place of “self-destruction” than to face the abyss of the unknown, which is to leave it.

It is often said that behind our greatest fears are the greatest treasures.

Sacred sexuality, healing intimacy and tenderness workshop proposes the self-discovery of what already exists in you, you as a channel of power, your own medicine according to the wisdom of your soul in place of unconditional love.

The more I invite you to plunge into your sexuality, the more I invite you to plunge into the essence of your life. And that’s why I speak of the sacred.

Connect with your vital energy source and give voice to your truth, learn to recognize and communicate your needs, take responsibility for your emotions, live with honesty, compassion, devotion, accept the death of what you were, let go te stories that only take up space and abandon what is no longer needed.

Let you die and be reborn ….

And that is all that is sacred!