WE feel comfortable in OUR OWN skin!

Vibrant and connected with the cosmos.


Welcome to a space of GENTLE AWAKENING.

This journey is a 4 -day retreat for you to embrace your SEXUALITY, heal your INTIMACY and finally surrender yourself to PLEASURE.

A connection to the transformative power of MYSTICAL SACRED FEMININE SEXUALITY, along with SELF-CAREHEALING and shared conscious experiences to tune in with your own power and the power of the true nature of EROS.

A space where you will discover your body as a gateway into more aliveness, pleasure and expansion of your erotic freedom along with your powerful feminine force in its totality and its vulnerability.

To deeply connect with yourself,

Exploring your desires, interests, barriers, your fears as your powers, your dreams, your blockages, your concept of intimacy, unlock old traumas that create limiting behavioural patterns, boost self-confidence, self-esteem,
and increase your capacity to relate to others with a full YES, without doubts or embarrassments.

Often sexual energy is associated with reproduction or lust… In this retreat we are going to demystify this idea,

 awakening our VITAL and SACRED ENERGY and the transcendental potential of this force.

Tuning into the SOURCE OF LOVE that sustains life in all its aspects.
Be reminded of the ever-present loving energy that permeates our lives.

Being in presence in SISTERHOOD is not only healing but also empowering.

 It is a place where women will be gathering together to connect, aligning their own life with their own spirit, cultivating deep presence and connection with nature, performing sacred sexual, shamanic, tantric practices and rituals together, resting in our depths, praying with all our body, using our magic to create the world we want to live in.

It is a journey in which our feminine wisdom is restored and celebrated.

Let’s awaken our sacred HEART and BODY – let’s cultivate genuine friendships, share with transparent honesty, discover the pleasures of being alone together, release established identities and allow CELEBRATION.

Let’s invite the  wilderness in all of us to NOURISH, teach and inspire us.

Daily schedule includes a number of different ceremonies and practices:

◬ MOVEMENT to awaken our subtle body channels to the flow of our vital energy.

◬ CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY PRACTICES Tantric, Shamanic and Expended Sexuality work to release Your limits to pleasure and ecstasy.

◬ MEDITATION to support us in embracing our sexuality as a source of nourishment and power.

◬ GENTLE BODYWORK including somatic work to activate our capacity for pleasure, restoring self-love and life – confidence.

◬ PRANA MEDICINE (a full body prayer) integrates breath work and relaxation techniques.

◬ MUSIC MEDICINE and its healing impact

◬ LAKES SWIMING grounding us in our bodies, awaken our senses, and feel a connection to nature. An opportunity to relax, sunbathe and experience the healing quality of water and the wild animals around. You can read a book, have a good conversation. Or do nothing!!! It is up to you!

◬ HOME-GROWN VEGETARIAN FOOD to nourish our body with delicious vegetarian/vegan home-grown food every day!


Cátia Leitão

Cátia born in the fertile lands of Portugal. She us a wild creative explorer in the realms of healing, intimacy, sexuality and life force awakening. A dancer, bodyworker, sacred Sexuality therapist, teacher and practitioner, founder of Saúde Alquimia intima for women (PT). She specialized in sexual dysfunctions therapy, pleasure development,, somatic sexology, emotional release, trauma healing, therapeutic touch, at the New Human Sexuality University, in Brasil. Womb emotional de-armouring, womb yoga, Yoni Healing for feminine reproductive system desorders (UK). Spiritual Shamanic Sexual Training and assistance I & II – ISTA (PE). In the last 5 years has been combining these trainings with the Portuguese traditional wisdom: the medicine of praying with words, geo-medicine (crystals) vibration, magical herbalism, fire, wood, olive oil, and water combination; using alchemically the energetic source of these two worlds integrating spirituality and sexuality. As passionate therapist and facilitator holds one-to-one therapy for women (Yoni Healing Therapy), Sacred Squirting workshops, Women sexuality & Self-care trainings, Yoni Yoga & Vibrational Pompoir classes, Sex magic retreats for mixed groups, Sacredness, Conscious Intimacy and Pleasure for couples, celebrating a sex-positive space always focusing on the heart, steping into the full tantric experience of life and to lead others to do the same. Today she taps into traditions such as Tantra, Shamanism, Central and South América “Medicina”, Conscious Sexuality, Yoga, meditation therapy, various sorts of energetic, spiritual and ancestral practices - soma-psychaedelic ones, Conscious BDSM, Smassage, contact-improvisation and contemporary dance... inspiring and nurturing all those who feel the calling to a more free and ecstatic life.


Liliana is mostly passionate about discovering her edges and those of the World. She is 36, born in Portugal, and for the last 4 years she feels she hasn't spent enough time anywhere to be able to say that she lives there. She has been a nomad of body and soul, since her interest in the human potential has guided her in incredible internal and external explorations. Working on the field of transformational events as an organizer, space holder or facilitator, she combines management tools inherited from a past of corporate life, NLP, coaching, active and objectless meditation, yoga, tantra and, above all, the immense aspiration for freedom in the body and spirit, and the fascination for the new paradigms aligned with cultural and environmental preservation, and intentional conscious relations with the self and in community. She has been spending a lot of time in Central America, among lakes and volcanoes, shamans, jungles and medicines, and her path is unfolding every day.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Wild Womenhood Sexuality Retreat:

Yes. The Wild Womenhood Retreat  is designed to be a safe, sacred, and honoring space for women to release anything that limits their genuine sexual expression and ignite more love and passion in their lives. Sometimes we will do some naked practises, also because the clothes (fabric) prevents the free expansion of vital energy, in this purpose.

I’m afraid not.  Once we start on wednesday night, we’ll create a conscious container for everyone to feel comfortable exploring this important topic of sexuality in a conscious and honoring way.

Yes. This retreat offers a safe environment for everyone  and you don’t have to step outside your comfort zone, but I’ll encourage it, because your comfort zone isn’t where the change you want happens. You can choose to share with the group if you’d like and you always get to choose  a sister for any exercises.

I honor you and I’m very sensitive to the pain you may have from previous relationships.  Trust that there will be others who are also feeling that ache.  I will be there to hold your hand… and your heart… so you can find yourself opening to trust again.

Wild Womenhood retreat is the kind of retreat where women say, “Wow, I didn’t know what I didn’t know! ”  

It opens your heart  to the power and possibility of love and intimacy.  It reignites hope and gives you the wisdom and practice you need to be an awesome lover.

Women  who are genuinely interested in healing & growth are welcome! (no previous experience necessary).

Your all-around experience of the transformational training will be supported by the wonderful detoxifying vegetarian food lovingly prepared by our own kitchen team – you are in for a vibrant, healthy & nutritious treat! Please inform us when completing the registration form of any specific dietary requirements.

On 3rd July the first meal is dinner.

On 6th july the last meal is lunch.

We check-in at Awakeland on 3rd july between 2-3pm. First meal is dinner.

Saturday is the last day we’ll start at 9 am and finish about 6pm. Last meal is lunch.

Please notice that if you want to stay one more night  (till Sunday) you need to pay Awakeland direct more 55€  and for dinner 15€. 

You also have other options like dinner outside in Portuguese restaurants.

The same to sleep: we have beautiful hostels and hotels in Lagos city (a coastal village with the an amazing blue and transparente sea).



Pricing includes tuition, accommodation in a triple room,  delicious meals, taxes, and all course materials during the event. Tuition excludes any incurred costs getting to and away from the venue.

Pay a deposit of €200  to secure your place, and pay the rest of your investment two month before the retreat (May 2019).

Accommodation in triple rooms. Single room by request only and accuracy of costs. 

If you want to stay one more night in awakeland for integration process or just relaxing please inform the team. It will cost you extra 55€ that you pay direct to awakeland.

1.)Send an email to wildwomenhood@gmail.com

2.) Complete the registration form.

A commitment to Wild Womenhood Retreat is a deep commitment to yourself. 

If for some reason you become unable to attend, a €200 Euros admin fee will be withheld and are non-refundable in any case, up until 60 days before the event. Once the 60 days before the training have passed, the total deposit or if you paid in full is non-refundable.​