NEXT DATES: to be announced

This is an intensive two days course where, in a comfortable and respectful environment, men and women will learn and experiment with techniques of Tantric Massage.

Participants will experience an immersion into their own orgasmic capacities, being guided and guiding others into and experience of Supraconscioussness, which we name Total Ecstasy – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Ideal for those who wish to learn and refine techniques of intimate massage.

Participants will learn:

❁ Active Meditation Techniques
❁ Relaxation and Integrated Breathing Techniques
❁ Techniques for Channeling Sexual Energy
❁ Tantric Techniques: Learning how to do Yoni and Lingam massages.


Learning intimate massage does not carry the need for sexual contact between the participants, but it requires for each one to be in contact with others when learning technical procedures.