Every Monday and wednesday

days 03, 05, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 25
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

YONI YOGA is a course for women working simultaneously with Womb Yoga and Vibrational Pompoar.

Womb Yoga, a therapeutic approach to Yoga specially designed to support the health and healing of women on the affective, sexual, creative and vital levels. It essentially works with Pranayma (Purification and Conscious Breathing) meditation and Asanas (Somatic Postural Exercises) in conjunction with Pompoar, a technique of vaginal muscle control (Yoni) that has immense benefits to a woman’s health and sexuality and will be exercised with help from Yoni Eggs – Rose Quartz Crystal.

YONI YOGA associates the techniques of womb yoga and pompoar with the vibration of the “Yoni-Eggs” (egg-shaped polished yolks and crystals that are organically introduced into yoni. This practice has sacred ancestral roots between Taoist women and Tantra practitioners). . It’s a deep work on yourself.

Quartz Crystal does a gentle job of relieving and healing accumulated hurts by fully attuning them to our emotional states. It is a crystal that has the ability to dissolve the accumulated charges that suppress the ability to give and receive love. It works directly with the heart chakra. Work the true essence of love with forgiveness, conscience and compassion.

This course gives the woman the time to dive deep into her own body, harmoniously recognize and fortify her pelvic floor, relax and reconnect with herself, her relationships and life. It is a practice of deep encounter with oneself. A conscious practice of intimate gymnastics that increases tone and strengthens the muscles, strengthens the pelvic floor, improves female gynecological and sexual health. It is a time of harmonization, nurturing, vitalizing and pleasurable that dedicates itself.

A month-long experience that will provide greater anchoring, increased vital and sexual energy, increased and distributed sexual energy and above all the raising of the Yoni vibratory pattern, which favors the healing of energy blocks and the reframing of beliefs and patterns. Emotional

What you will learn in this course about your authentic-self:

  • Connection  with your YONI  and take care of your pelvic floor health: recognition of pelvic and perineal muscles: if permissive and  loose (prolapses, urinary loss …) or very contracted in stress (pain during sexual intercourse -Dyspareunia, vaginism… ).
  • Establish womb – yoni – heart connection, remembering your power and magic .:.  Let go what doesn´t support  ou serve you anymore, what is already old in your life, inviting the new, reframing beliefs and emotional patterns.

  • Yoni de-armoring: drop the armor of sexual and emotional blockages somatically inscribed in your Yoni (cleaning of somatic memory in your yoni’s tissues of past relationships and consented – or not – touches without authenticity).
  • Breast massage: Invigorating and energizing the breasts to mobilize stagnant energies or hormonal imbalances. The intimate self-care of women: source of fertility, pleasure and self-love.
  • Geo-medicine: Practice with YONI EGGS :

– Energy cleaning / crystal discharging  before using it.

– Programming and charge your crystal  – setting your intentions- before  starting the practical work.

– Listen deeply your internal YES  or NO for the gentle entry of the crystal. To give voice to your Yoni is to give voice to your natural spiritual authority in this world.

– Work on internal segments of your Yoni and the pelvic muscle group that controls the most important functions of your body: pelvic diaphragm, bladder and external urethral sphincter, womb, vulva, perineum and rectum: rectal ampoule / external sphincter.

  • Conscious Breath Work:

– Rebirthing techniques

 – Microcosmic Orbit

– Ovarian Breath

  • Magic Herbolism: Supporting Women’s Integral Health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) through plant medicine.


THIS COURSE HAS A LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES, this way each woman will always be supported, seen in her needs and limitations, heard in her most authentic expression.

(If private sessions are needed, this is done by Yoni Healing therapy, paid for separately from the course. This case only if you feel you need to continue the work in a more profound and deeper level).

“When you heal yourself, I heal myself. When she heals, we all heal. When we all heal ourselves – we heal the Mother, the Great Spirit of the Earth. We believe that when women come together to heal, we heal the world. There is no one more worthy of your love than you”. @wombenwellness <3