Welcome to a space of GENTLE AWAKENING.

This journey is a 4 -day retreat for you to embrace our SEXUALITY and heal our INTIMACY,  to deepen, restore and integrate our EROTIC WISDOM, from a healthy and SAFE perspective and finally surrender to PLEASURE.

In a conscious and empowered way, we invite the possibility of  awakening our body, heart & soul through a conscious practice of fully inhabiting one’s sensations and feelings… to expand our erotic experience and awareness through embodied sexual wellbeing. 

Approaching our PAIN BODY from a soft & sweet place nurturing it with what we need to open and expand into the healing path of achieving the  PLEASURE BODY.

Giving ourselves the opportunity to Relating in TRUTH, LOVE, POWER and JOY.

A space where we will discover our body as a gateway into more ALIVENESS, pleasure and expansion of our EROTIC FREEDOM along with our TRUE SELF in is power and its vulnerability.

To deeply connect with ourselves, exploring  desires, interests, barriers,  fears as our power or fuel to penetrate the world, dreams, blockages, concepts of intimacy, unlock old traumas that create limiting behavioural patterns, boost self-confidence,  and increase your capacity to relate to others from a place of authenticity respect, trust, integrity, self-responsibility, real desire, nourishment and pure joy.

Tuning into the SOURCE OF LOVE that sustains life in all its aspects.
Be reminded of the ever-present loving energy that permeates our lives.

It is a journey in which our sexual wisdom is restored and celebrated.

Let’s awaken our sacred HEART and BODY – let’s cultivate genuine friendships, share with transparent honesty, discover the pleasures of being alone and together,  release established identities and allow CELEBRATION.




 The possibility to connect with your body as a direct way of bringing forth transformation and HEALING , creating the space to knowing of what it feels like to be safe in relating.

✨ Make commitments to ourselves from a place of self-love and respect.

✨ Awareness of your boundaries and the tools to be able to express them.

✨ Communicating your needs and desires clearly and directly.

✨  Creating agreements that are based on sovereignty, integrity, respect, trust and goodwill.

✨ Use your own hands (and entire body) as an unlimited source of pleasure and connection to self and other.

✨ Access deeper levels of intimacy and expansiveness with another.

✨ Finding your inner truth and becoming confident in relating however you feel to.

✨ Falling into the power of playfulness and feel safe at the same time.

✨ Individual and group intimacy playfulness.

✨Going deeper to  pleasure healing practices (massage) & sexual reconnection with your Self,  creating the safe space to openness and surrendering.

✨ Learning to surrender into the unknown of every moment.

Some of the instructive modalities used include: 


Daily schedule includes a number of different ceremonies and practices: 


DANCE | YOGA to welcome yourself home to your body-temple and awaken your subtle body channels to the flow of your vital energy.

AGREEMENTS, CONSENT & SAFETY – connecting games and exercises to make choices about the experience you want to have, helping you to come back to the truth in the body, feel into what you want, and see that you have the power to choose in any given moment.

AUTHENTIC RELATING –  communication to develop your self-responsibility role in relating and cultivating a more genuine and  fulfilling intimacy with yourself and the others. Seeing, showing and living from the self that lies beneath the mask. 

EMBODIED SEXUALITY –  MINDFUL TOUCH  to help you move from the pain body to the pleasure body in a place of integrity, self-compassion, and inner security.

SOMATIC EROTICISM – an invitation to be intimate to sensations and feelings in your body, inviting the energy of eros to be part of your healing path.

PRANA MEDICINE (a full body prayer) integrates breath work and relaxation techniques.

INTEGRATED MUD EXPERIENCE to open the senses to conscious touch.

TEMPLE NIGHTS & EROS PLAYGROUND to celebrate, worship, heal, flow, play, invite consciousness, togetherness, intimacy  and heart connections in a space of trust, permission and creativity.

LAKE BLESSING – an opportunity to relax, sunbathe and experience the healing quality of AWAKELAND LAKES. You can swim, read a book, have a good conversation, sleep, be in silence Or do nothing!!! It is up to you!



Awakeland is a place to breathe, feel and simply be.

Is nestled between the Monchique mountains and Algarve sea with 21 hectares of abundant natural surroundings.

Awake’s scenery is unique, and we maintain its natural balance with permaculture and biodynamic agriculture, cultivating local and useful species, living as near as we can to the earth. Nature is our most fundamental meditation. The property has 5 lakes, 3 geometric domes and plenty of space to relax and explore.


Catia Leitão foto

CAtia LEitao

Lead Facilitator
Catia Leitão was born in the fertile lands of Portugal and lives between Lisbon and Algarve. She is the founder and creator of the Saúde & Alquimia Intima da Mulher project, a space dedicated to supporting women's psycho-emotional, sexual and intimate health, from a conscious and humanized perspective. Her work is mainly in the area of ​​conscious sexuality: female sex therapy, specializing in sexual dysfunction; somatic psychotherapy, Somatic experience trauma informed training, conscious fertility, emotional gynecology, Yoni de-armouring & Yoni-healing in a therapeutic approach to yoga of the womb and intimate gymnastics. As a therapist and facilitator, she provides individual therapy in the office and online, facilitates courses and workshops dedicated to women's intimate health, somatic and authentic intimacy workshops, sexual literacy and the expansion of pleasure, Yoni Yoga & Vibrational Pompoarism. For mixed groups and couples she facilitates Sex Magic Empowerment, Conscious Intimacy and Alchemy of Pleasure retreats, Celebration of Sex-Positive spaces, with a strong focus on the sacred energy of the heart. She enjoys the divine and tantric experience, which is life inviting those around her to savor this form of existence. It is intended to Inspire and nurture all those who feel the call to a freer and more ecstatic life.

JOao Cascao

João loves a simple way of living conecting with nature, flying between shared experiences, silence, psychological and somatic self-study mainly. Was always curious about the source of the diferent human behaviors and the functioning of our standard primary mechanisms of acting and reacting, in a constant inquiry on how they can be continuously in a transformational process. Studying and gathering Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Permaculture has been a beautiful challenge during the last years wich made him travel to Asia, more often to India for many years searching deeper into those areas, in order to learn and absorve from diferent teachers and backgrounds. Currently studying psichoteraphy, somatics and sexuality learning to bridge the diferent aspects of human condition wich may lead us all to the very same aim and yearn - undisturbed peace, unconditional love and continuous joy. Fascinated by the power of the breath as one of the best tools to bring awareness in the present moment, leading to increased states of harmony between mind, body, heart and soul.

€ 395 - Dormitory accommodation (shared up to 20 persons)

A wood house with very nice conditions shared by the participants.

€450 - Triple rooms (shared between 3 persons)

At Yoni Village, an Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and aircon.

€ 525 - Double Bell tent- have 1 single bed or one couple bed (for couples)

All glamping tents have proper beds, bedding and a shower towel.



Your experience of the transformational retreat will be supported by the wonderful detoxifying VEGAN food lovingly prepared by Awakeland kitchen team. – you are in for a vibrant, healthy & nutritious treat! Please inform us when completing the registration form of any specific dietary requirements.

Check In / Check Out

We check-in at Awakeland on 12th August between 11pm to 13pm.

Please bring some snacks with you because lunch is not included in this first day.

The first group meeting will happen at 2pm at the fire dome.

The check-out on the 15th of August is at 6pm.

Please notice that if you want to stay one more night you need to pay Awakeland directly.


A commitment to Into Me (I) See Retreat is a deep commitment to yourself. If for some reason you become unable to attend, a €200 Euros admin fee will be withheld and are non-refundable in any case, up until 30 days before the event. Once the 30 days before the training have passed, the total deposit is non-refundable. You will be entitled for a full refund if we decide to cancel the training for any reason, or if you are unable to attend due to a case of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case. Below you will find the Cancellation and Refund Policy regarding Covid related issues, and special cases were a full refund applies, here are some FAQs: 1. Will I get a full refund if my country requires me to get into quarantine when coming back and therefore I decide to cancel my participation? NO. 2. Will I get a full refund If the Airline cancels my ticket or my flight? YES. 3. Will I get a full refund if my country’s borders are closed? YES. 4. Will I get a full refund if Portugal borders are closed? YES. 5. Will I get a refund if I have a positive Covid test? YES